High-tech digital solutions for materials and production processes

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TREE-TOWER is a start-up focusing on customized high-tech digital solutions for smart manufacturing

Key People:
Dr. Francesco Biancalani (CEO and co-founder), PhD in Management Science at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca
Prof. Dr. Ing. Marco Paggi (co-founder and scientific advisor), Full Professor of Structural Mechanics at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca and PhD in Structural Mechanics at 'Politecnico di Torino'
Dr. Ing. Luca Taglialegne (R&D staff), PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Florence


Simulation tools and beyond

TREE-TOWER develops innovative software tailored to specific needs to support companies in the era of smart manufacturing, providing activities for the integration of computer aided design, computer aided engineering and fast prototyping solutions, virtual testing of materials and components, digital twin of products and processes, sensor networks design and big-data analytics for production lines, intellectual property protection.


High-tech R&D

Innovative software integrating computer aided engineeering (CAE) tools and machine learning for mechanics and materials science for product design and optimization.

Virtual testing of materials

FEM and CFD software for virtual testing of materials and components, saving time requested for lab experiments. Tools are optimized for failure analysis of composites, coupled problems (thermo-piezo-elasticity, reaction-diffusion problems) and tribological applications (contact, friction, wear).

CAD-CAE integration software

Software to integrate computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) tools, able to provide output for additive manufacturing and advanced virtual reality visualization.

Digital twin

Software to create the digital model of real material or production process, to allow for real-time optimization and control.

Big data analytics for production lines

Software to exploit big data generated from sensors to monitor production lines towards a more reliable quality control.

Intellectual property protection and corporate strategy

Activity to boost product innovation and exploit new markets, developing tailored corporate strategies using innovative software.


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Virtual testing
Investigate with FEM the performance of your component through virtual testing
Advanced CAD-CAE integration and visualization
Digital twin of a chemical process using CFD
Virtual testing of components
Design and interpretation of non-standard tests
Big data analytics and visualization tools for quality control of surfaces
Design and manufacture of prototypes
Sensors design and programming using Arduino

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